One Light Basketball Photoshoot

After buying a basketball for a photographic idea I had where I set the ball on fire and hold it, I felt inspired with the results so wanted to expand the use of the basketball with some more ideas I had.

Basketball on Fire

As you can see from the picture above it came out really well and the basketball is really on fire and yes I'm really holding it, cool isn't it.
Anyway the picture above and how I did it will be a blog post for another day, for this post I wanted to share what the photoshoot I did next.
I basically wanted to photograph a basketball player on a basketball court doing amazing jumps.
As I don't know any basketball players once again I had to be my own guinea pig, hoorah.
I went to sports direct and bought a basketball outfit, well I thought it was a basketball outfit but my son told me it was a boxing outfit, oh well it looked the part in the pictures which you will see in my video soon.
I paid less than £10 for the outfit and the basketball cost me £5 so £15 all in to put this photoshoot together, pretty damned cheap if I say so myself.
I scouted around my local area for suitable basketball courts and found a couple nearby.
The next morning I put on my basketball get up, packed my camera gear and took my wife to the court.
As the pictures were of me my wife was pressing the shutter button for me to grab the shots.
The photoshoot was done on a Nikon D750 and Tamron 15-30 and for lighting I used a single Yongnuo 560IV flashgun with my Pixapro 40" collapsible beauty dish, this was triggered using a Yongnuo 560tx which was placed on the cameras hotshoe.
I also took along a small step ladder for me to jump off because if you have been up close and personal with a basketball hoop you will be surprised how high the hoop actually is, these guys who slam dunk the ball can jump super high.
I needed the ladder to get close to the hoop, being middle aged and unfit so I just too a picture of the court with no step ladder then combined the images to delete the ladder.
Anyway below I made a video of the photoshoot showing the gear and how I jumped off the ladder with some pictures as well so stay around and check out the video as well.

I hope you enjoyed the video, I wanted to show what can be done with some cheap props and by an amateur photographer so if I can do it you can to.

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